Welcome to another A2A Long Reads, a weekly roundup of the most in-depth and thought-provoking longform journalism pieces (according to me, of course).

Government by White Nationalism Is Upon Us

Tell us something we don’t know: White nationalism has taken over the White House. Slate Magazine’s Jamelle Bouie takes a hard look at some of the Trump administration’s most prominent players – Michael Anton, Jeff Sessions, Stephen Bannon – and their problematic political ideologies. “It’s not just rhetoric anymore. It’s a political program that could set American democracy back 150 years.”

About a boy: Transgender teen’s quest for surgery (Part 2)

In the last A2A Long Reads, I shared part one of The Oregonian’s feature story chronicling the life of Jay, a transgender teen. As promised, this week we’re back with part two. Having begun living his life as a boy, Jay is now looking to have “top surgery.” Be sure to look out for part three in the coming weeks!

Disaster and Neglect in Louisiana

In August 2016, one of the worst natural disasters linked to climate change in U.S. history swept through Louisiana, killing 13 and affecting hundreds of thousands more. In the year since, the state’s poorest communities have been left feeling neglected, as they try to piece together their lives. This is an in-depth look into how climate change disproportionately impacts low income communities.

Dope Sick: A harrowing story of best friends, addiction — and a stealth killer

In no U.S. state is the fentanyl crisis worse than in Ohio; In 2014 alone, there were 502 fatal overdoses, up 500 per cent from 2013. STAT News’ David Armstrong shares the heartbreaking story of how this deadly addiction changed the lives of two best friends forever.

These are the week’s best long reads According to Adrienne. If you’ve got a piece you think I’d be interested in, send it to info@accordingtoadrienne.com.

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