There are no clearcut instructions on how to create a successful blog. Getting your voice out there is one thing but managing to be heard is something completely different. It’s a challenge that can be both frustrating and stressful. While I’m still fairly new to the blogging world, I’ve managed to make quite a few errors from which I’ve learned valuable lessons. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to keep my sanity while trying to build my online brand.

Here are five tips on how to remain sane during those early blogging days.

Silence isn’t necessarily bad

When I first started my blog, I was obsessed with putting out as much content as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for me, while I was so focused on filling the empty spaces of my WordPress theme I completely neglected a key component of my website: the quality. Many of my posts were lacking in substance and as a result, weren’t generating discussion, being shared or driving traffic to my site. It drove me nuts.

When it comes to blogging, aiming for quality over quantity is key. If a week goes by and you haven’t created any new content, that’s OK. Producing meaningless content won’t draw or keep an audience- as a matter of fact, you may just drive them away.

Don’t worry; we’re all flawless

With so many blogs out there, it can be hard to make yours stand out. Whether your site is dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, literature reviews or even a love of fluffy bunnies, rest assured there’s likely someone out there writing about the same things as you. But don’t panic- it’s not about the competition. With so many different blog genres floating in cyberspace, there will always be a niche in which your blog will fit perfectly. Take your time, find your stride and watch your blog thrive.

It’s not about being right

Not every comment you receive on your posts will be positive. Depending on your topics, you may spark controversy and ruffle a few cyber feathers. Readers will sometimes disagree and criticize your opinions and that’s perfectly OK. While you’re entitled to your own views, so is everyone else. Try not to take this criticism personally- rather, look at it as an opportunity to engage in an open discussion with your audience. Feel free to respond to this criticism- just make sure whatever you say is positive and engaging.

Trolls: out of sight out of mind

Trolls. Those irritating and vulgar commentators who never seem to have anything positive to say. They’re constantly spamming your feeds with negativity and will do anything to get a response from you. Your best bet is to ignore these people as engaging with them will likely add fuel to the fire. If in the event a troll begins harassing you, you can always add a “report abuse” plugin to your site and have them removed.

Patience is key

I used to have this terrible habit of constantly monitoring the progress of every single new post I created. I was so obsessed with monitoring traffic to my blog, I couldn’t even bring myself to leave my computer for more than five minutes. If a post wasn’t getting enough Facebook shares or retweets on Twitter, I would instantly feel like a failure. It was borderline unhealthy.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and chances are, your blog likely won’t become an overnight success. It takes serious time, dedication and hard work to get a blog going and more importantly, gain a loyal audience. Errors will be made and there will be setbacks but the most important thing is to keep pressing on.

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