Welcome to another A2A Long Reads, a weekly roundup of the most in-depth and thought-provoking longform journalism pieces (according to me, of course). This week’s long reads are courtesy of the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, BuzzFeed News, Toronto Star and Motherboard.

The awakening of Colin Kaepernick

Since his quiet protest began last year, Colin Kaepernick has become one of the NFL’s — and America’s — most polarizing athletes. His decision to kneel during the national anthem in protest against social injustice has rallied as many supporters as it has critics. But Kaepernick remains committed to his resistance. How did this star player, once poised to be “one of the greatest quarterbacks, ever,” become one of football’s most divisive figures?

Fifty-one inches: Terror, heartbreak and heroism as five souls brave the worst storm in U.S. history

The strongest hurricane to hit the United States since 2004, Hurricane Harvey left dozens dead and as much as $75 billion in total losses. Stories of devastation and loss continue to pour out of Houston, one of the hardest hit areas. But for each tragic tale, there is another of hope, heroism and perseverance. In this emotional long read, the Houston Chronicle shares five of those stories.

This Family Lost Everything During Katrina. Then Harvey Came For Their New Home.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Texans across the state are assessing the damage caused to their homes and properties. While starting over is hard, it’s even harder when you’ve had to flee a deadly hurricane once before. This is the Stewart family’s story.

Can you get addicted to trolling?

Kleptomania, pyromania, gambling… trolling? While experts are reluctant to associate trolling with some of the most common use disorders, many are taking an interest in studying online trolls. Are these cyberbullies simply a nuisance, or is there a harmful addiction here?

Undercover in temp nation

Fiera Foods is one of the Greater Toronto Area’s largest industrial bakeries, supplying some of North America’s biggest brands. But since 1999, three temp workers have died at the bakery or its affiliated companies. A Star reporter went undercover  to chronicle life at Fiera Foods. This is her story.

These are the week’s best long reads According to Adrienne. If you’ve got a piece you think I’d be interested in, send it to info@accordingtoadrienne.com.

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