Welcome to another A2A Long Reads, a weekly roundup of the most in-depth and thought-provoking longform journalism pieces (according to me, of course).

In light of last week’s terrifying and tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this week’s long reads share common themes: white supremacy, the alt-right movement and racism. Featured articles include longform pieces from Harper’s Magazine, GQ Magazine, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair and C-VILLE Weekly.

Photo by Susan Melkisethian

United we stand: Charlottesville says “no” to hate

C-VILLE Weekly, “an alternative news weekly” in Charlottesville documented the events that took place August 12. The hour-by-hour account, based on reports and photos from eight staff members, is a raw look into the horror unleashed that day. In the hours that immediately followed the horrific tragedy, residents of Charlottesville would take a stand and say “no” to hatred.

Why Charlottesville, liberal college town, became ground zero for white supremacy

Little more than a week after white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, the town still looks “so pretty.” But look past this provincial beauty and you’ll see a town reminiscent of the predominantly white community that so many Trump supporters long for. Sarah Ellison, a former University of Virginia student, reports on how Charlottesville became “ground zero” for white supremacy.

The Rise of the Valkyries

Within the “alt-right,” a rebellious movement that has seemingly swelled since Donald Trump took office, white men are loath to give white women a seat at the table. But an increasing number of women are fighting for to have their voices heard. Why? Because “no movement can survive on men alone,” and the alt-right is no exception.

Photo by Alec Perkins

The new uniform of white supremacy

If last week’s events taught us anything, it’s that white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s no longer feel they need to hide their faces, their racism nor their anti-semitic views. Their emboldened and empowered nature is perhaps most clearly demonstrated by their casual, “neighbour next door” attire. As Cam Wolf writes for GQ Magazine, “their seemingly innocuous clothes [speaks] volumes.”

The Rise of the Violent Left

As the right continues to fight for “free speech” in America, activists linked to the Anti-Fascist Action movement (known as antifa) are relentless in their efforts to stop Republicans from publicly assembling. While some Democrats have begun to embrace antifa’s often violent tactics, their support is adding fuel to an already raging fire. It’s a violent political struggle with no end in sight.

These are the week’s best long reads According to Adrienne. If you’ve got a piece you think I’d be interested in, send it to info@accordingtoadrienne.com.

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