Welcome to According to Adrienne’s Long Reads, a weekly roundup of the world’s most in-depth and thought-provoking analyses and features. This week in A2A news, we’re reading about “Canada 150” controversy, rape culture, the ongoing effects of Venezuela’s economic crisis and a murder trial that’s guaranteed to leave you with more questions than answers.


Black Nova Scotia: Touring a community that’s been here longer than 150 years

Canada’s sesquicentennial hasn’t been without controversy, most notably criticized by many of the country’s Indigenous peoples for its erasure of Indigenous history and cultural genocide. But what about Black Loyalists—former slaves—who arrived on Canadian soil pre-Confederation, and endured unimaginable hardship in the hopes of a new life? As the Globe and Mail’s Denise Balkissoon discovered during a recent trip to Nova Scotia’s Africville, First Nations history isn’t the only chapter of this country’s history that “Canada 150” pointedly ignores.

How Accusing A Powerful Man of Rape Drove A College Student To Suicide

If ever there was a guidebook for how to report a rape, in the eyes of the law, Megan Rondini would have had a solid case. When the 20-year-old found herself forced into having non-consensual intercourse, she did everything “right.” So, why did her case never make it to trial, and how did she become a suspect? Most importantly, what drove Megan Dondini to hand herself? BuzzFeed’s Katie J.M. Baker writes about the high price this victim paid for telling her story.


In Venezuela, a once-leading AIDS program lies in ruins

The country’s national HIV program, once admired by countries worldwide, is the latest state funded institution devastated by Venezuela’s growing economic and political crisis. The program is chronically short of drugs, with hospitals unable to provide patients with even the most basic medicine. There are no publicly available condoms or infant formula for HIV-positive women to give their babies to avoid transmitting the virus. As the Globe and Mail’s Stephanie Nolen reports, “If and when this crisis begins to be resolved, thousands of people will have died needlessly, and this country will once again have an out-of-control HIV epidemic.


My dentist’s murder trial

Back in 2010, Dr. Gilberto Nunez, a well-respected dentist, began to have an affair with Linda Kolman, a married woman and mother of two. The couple eventually fell in love and Nunez wanted Linda to tell her husband, Thomas, about the affair and end their marriage. But she wasn’t ready. There was tension, frustration, anger, love and passion. And then, there was a murder. Just a few paragraphs into James Lasdun’s article and you’ll surely be miffed. Try to keep up: This is a case pulled straight from your favourite episode of Law & Order.

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