If ever you questioned the power of 140 characters, Ayesha Curry has washed away all doubts.

Earlier today the 26-year-old self-proclaimed food critic and wife of NBA star Steph Curry took to Twitter to voice her opinions on modern day fashion. Expressing her preference for “classy” wear, Curry tweeted:

“Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.”

While many took to Twitter in support of her comments, unfortunately, many more took to the social platform to express their disagreement. With many claiming Curry was “slut-shaming” other women, others simply hurled insults at the basketball wife, questioning her relevancy and ridiculing her fashion sense. Whether or not she meant to offend, the damage had been done: in less than 24 hours, Curry had become a top trending topic on Twitter and her tweet had been retweeted more than 51,000 times.

For those who follow the basketball wife on Twitter and Instagram, it is a well-known fact Curry is a devout and modest Christian. And while she was thrust into the spotlight following her husband’s quick climb to the top of the NBA charts in recent years, in spite of the newfound fame she has widely remained true to her personal morals and beliefs. And so, in watching the Twitter debacle unfold on my feed, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment- not in Curry’s comments but rather, in my own generation.

Whether you believe it’s a women’s right to bare it all or instead, cover up completely, that’s wonderful. But Curry’s statements have nothing to do with a right to choose. Rather, her comments are about remaining true to herself in a world that continuously says to do otherwise.

In a society that glorifies sex appeal and nudity, Ayesha Curry is a breath of fresh air. While many celebrity women are in competition to see who can wear the least yet still look the best, quite frankly, Curry is in a league of her own. Though I applaud her desire to remain modest and “classy” with her fashion, more than anything I respect her commitment to herself and her values.

Because let’s face it: regardless of how a woman chooses to dress, that is what it all comes down to. Self-respect.

But that’s just According to Adrienne.

FYI: While we all sit here dissecting the validity of her comments, Ayesha Curry remains very much unbothered. After telling the Twitterverse she doesn’t care whether we like her style or not, she quickly moved on to tweeting support for her husband, who played against the Brooklyn Nets tonight.

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